Join us for an afternoon filled with disruptive financial technologies, meet lots of innovative tech companies from all over Europe and enjoy the unique ecosystems for companies in technology and financial industries in Dublin, London and Amsterdam!


Welcome to the FinTech Road Show, an unparalleled Road Show of events that takes 15 of the most disruptive and innovative international technology companies  through three of the most prolific tech hubs in Europe: Dublin, London, and Amsterdam.

From the organizers of Disrupting Europe, the FinTech Road Show is a unique event for entrepreneurs, investors and companies that are eager to know how new technologies alter the landscape of the financial services sector.

Whether early innovators provide software and services to financial services or disrupt the market by taking financial services directly to the consumer, the FinTech Road Show will show how these pioneers are re-defining the world of finance during this three-day Road Show in three major European tech hubs.

Numerous companies at the forefront of financial technology present themselves, provide insights and look to share experiences with European audiences, partners, investors and founding customers.

European technology hubs showcase their vibrant start-up environment, their unique ecosystems for technology companies and put themselves on the map both as a destination for international business expansion as well as a gateway to European market development.

FinTech Roadshow Participants:

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FinTech Roadshow Partners:

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